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Protein Supplement for DOGS

Advanced Protein Supplement for DOGS 

A Revolution in Canine Nutrition

Over a decade ago The human nutrition industry was changed forever with the introduction of revolutionary “engineered” foods. These “engineered” foods rapidly became the most popular and successful supplements in the world, Coined “meal replacements” They pioneered an entirely new category of high protein, nutrient dense super foods. Quick to make and delicious too, These high tech, meal-in-a-packet, became the darling of professional sportsmen and celebrities, not to mention millions of people worldwide. At the heart of it all was a supplement that provided complete and total nutrition in its most usable form, where no other product had before. The pioneers of these “engineered” meal replacements discovered a void in human diets, and met that need in a remarkable way. There is little doubt that world class athletes and Mr. and Mrs. Homemaker alike owe their health to these efforts.

Now, as a guiding members of K9-Rx, a few of these pioneers are yet again a force in bringing the future of supplementation to pets, here and now… this time with a revolutionary advancement in canine nutrition. K9-Rx is the highest quality, most innovative and complete nutritional supplement food available. It is the product of years of research into canine physiology, together with close scrutiny of the pet food industry today. We looked at how food choices benefit you and your pet, and more importantly, how critical needs are not being met. Along the way we discovered the difference between giving our dogs an ordinary life, vs. the opportunity for a long, incredible life experience. As you will see, we took a giant step ahead by taking a small step back.

On behalf of K9-Rx and our entire Research and Development team, we applaud your purchase and wish you and your treasured companion good health.

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